Safety Management

Our standpoint is ‘Safety First’. We ensure that every conceivable facet of our operation is managed and monitored to provide a safe workplace for everyone.
This directive comes right from the top with a (MBA) Master’s Degree in Logistics & Supply Chain Management, through to our safety Manager, Coordinators and qualified RTO instructors ensuring our comprehensive end-to-end safety management systems are driven by each team member at each-and-every site.

Our thorough safety induction processes, in conjunction with regular ongoing training programs are just a small part of the comprehensive training all our team members undergo. OZ Labourforce ensures the high standards of training, both classroom and ‘hands-on’, all undertaken at our own training centre’s. This ensures the entire OZ Labourforce team maintains ‘Safety first’ whilst being conversant with the latest safety methods at-all-times.

Each, and every team member working on your site will be site specifically trained and inducted with either yours, or our site specific Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS).

OZ Labourforce – Creating a happier healthier more productive workforce

OZ Labourforce ensures the wellbeing of our team at-all-times by going the extra mile;

We have a ‘warm-up’ routine Incorporated into our Induction, as 75% of muscular skeletal injuries occur within the first 15 minutes of work through poor warming up of the body.

We value the health and wellbeing of all our team, both at work, and at home, as we provide a Corporate National Gym Membership through our partner Snap Fitness for a happier healthier lifestyle and a more productive workforce.


We want all of your team and ours, to go home the way they arrived.